Digital Signage Solutions - Financial

In recent years,consumers view banking and bank products between brands with little difference.This prompts bank executives to look for new ways to attract customers and to educate,influence and entertain them during their stay at the branch. offers digital signage solution for the financial industry to allows banks to manage and distribute digital content (,audio,graphics,etc.) in lobbies,teller lines and waiting areas of the branches.The hierachical content management allows corporate,regional and branches to add contents at any specific time and schedule with corporate in full control.So the marketing messages with specific geographic and demographic needs can be easily included. also offers interactive solutions with touch screen or remote control. Allow customers to interact the system in the education and entertaining process, thus close the gap between you and your customers.System can capture statistical data about the customer interacted products and content data can be used for future marketing efforts.

With signage solutions from,you can also easily insert third-party advertisements at specific locations and times to promote their offerings.