SignagelinkTM Digital Signage Online Edition
          - Easy Digital Signage for Non-Experts
Digital Signage is an effective communication for businesses and organizations to display dynamic content on Panel TVs and other screens located anywhere.
Signagelink Online Edition is a digital signage software. It is driving thousands of screens worldwide on bank, retail, education, hotel, corporate, entertainment, government and other industries, used for customer communications, employee communications, digital posters,digital boards, interactive service kiosks, etc.
The digital signage system has
Content design and management, including scheduling and distribution
Digital signage system management.
Signagelink Digital Signage
Key Features
Easy to use, simple Drag 'n' Drop WYSIWYG, template based editing
Easy to deploy, quick software setup and easy player connecting(Automatically in LAN)
Interactive –Customers can interact with content such as latest promotion offers, product demos, etc., via touch and gesture control;
Play lists and scheduled playing, urgent casts (customizable scrolling text) in real time;
Online player monitoring and remote control
Features Highlights
Drag 'n' Drop WYSIWYG content editor, flexible screen layout
Centralized content management and distribution
Centralized control and upgrade, real-time monitoring
RSS feeds
Microsoft Office(PPT, WORD, EXCEL)
Automatic player-server setup, bandwidth saving links
Play lists and scheduled playing
Urgent casts (customizable scrolling text)
Remote control and update
Signage Product