Smart Express Cabinets: A Smart facilities in the Era of Digital Signage and the LOT

In recent years, the "lazy economy" has become popular in China, and with it, more "O2O" opportunities have emerged for the lazy people.

As a leading e-commerce company,'s fast logistics has always been one of the most satisfying shopping experiences for users, and it was also the earliest to deploy the "cabinet economy" nationwide. When shopping on, users can choose to receive their goods through express cabinets (in the "Payment and Delivery Method" section, select "Home Pickup" and confirm the nearest smart express cabinet); when the order is delivered to the smart express cabinet, the system will send the order number and QR code to the user's mobile phone, and the user can pick up the goods at the smart express cabinet at any time with the information provided. This shopping process brings the relationship between online and offline closer, and this O2O model, I wonder if you have experienced it?

The widespread deployment of smart express Cabinets has greatly benefited e-commerce and courier companies by reducing the workload of couriers and ensuring the timely delivery of parcels, significantly improving the logistics level of e-commerce. For individuals, it allows them to send and receive parcels without time constraints and without revealing their private information when filling out addresses, truly ensuring the privacy and security of recipients.