Kawan Lama Group deploys Signagelink DS in its chain stores.

Kawan Lama Group is located in the largest city in Southeast Asia - Jakarta,the capital of Indonesia. On this 740 square kilometer land, there are nearly a hundred large-scale stores under the Kawan Lama Group, providing a widerange of products and services closely related to daily life, from machinery and hardware, furniture, to daily necessities and even catering. In the narrow and long main roads of Jakarta, you can see giant advertisements of Kawan Lama Group's brands such as ACE and Informa everywhere. These brands are deeply rooted in Indonesia and "process" tens of thousands of products everyday.

Kawan Lama Group's deployment of the digital signage project aims to upgrade the commercial environment, create an intelligent and interactive user experience, and promote sales and promotional activities. After the project investigation, the Signagelink, which has the largest number of users in the world, has entered the vision of Kawan Lama Group. As a globally renowned digital signage manufacturer, Signagelink has many well-known partners such as Intel and HP, and has been applied in many first-class enterprises and institutions, including government, finance, communications, chain stores, hotels, factories, educational institutions, and public utilities. It has undergone rigorous testing and is safe and reliable.

According to the project requirements, Kawan Lama Group finally chose theSignagelink Enteprise Edition to drive all screens at more than 200 sites. The Signagelink Enteprise Edition has powerful  functions and a wealth of intelligent interactive applications. Its advanced Web-based architecture supports alarge number of users, high concurrency, and hierarchical management, and can simultaneously connect more than 4000 displayers in supermarkets and catering stores.