Shaoxing Sports Center ’s digital signage shines as the focus of the entire province.

The Shaoxing County Sports Center is located on the north side of National Highway 329 and west of the China Textile City Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total investment of about 1.8 billion yuan. The sports center is divided into three blocks: the stadium, the gymnasium, and the swimming pool, respectively building a 40,000-seat stadium, a 3,500-seat gymnasium, and a swimming pool that can host international and domestic single events. All venues use open roofs, which is the first time in the province's sports venues. All venues also fully introduce digital signage in internal equipment, and its scale is among the top in the province.

As a partner of the digital signage project for Shaoxing County Sports Center, Signagelink Digital Signage has provided a full set of intelligent digital signage solutions for the three major venues of the center. The solution uses a combination of digital signage software, player, and streaming media to fully drive the deployment of LED displayers in the main functional areas of the three major venues. The Signagelink digital signage is a high-end professional digital signage system. The system is based on Web, supports a large number of users, high concurrency, and hierarchical management, and can connect to all displayers in the three major venues of the sports center at the same time. The system can manage and monitor all digital displayers through the network without installation. The Signagelink digital signage players has powerful system functions and rich intelligent interactive applications. Through cooperation with flagship software, streaming media, and LED display terminals, it creates a high-quality digital multimedia display window for the center, providing audiences with first-class visual and self-service experiences.