56iq is warming up the sunshine justice for Shangyu District People's Court

"The rapid development of modern society is promoting the further openness and transparency of judicial construction, and informatization is the inevitable path to promote the modernization of the people's court trial system. In order to better respond to the national judicial reform and further implement sunshine justice, the Shangyu District People's Court has joined hands with 56iq digital signage to carry out the high-definition digital court construction project."

In line with the court's demand for "sunlight trial" informatization, Signagelink will apply the latest digital technology to build an internet-based, intelligent high-definition digital courtroom for the court. At that time, the network will fully link the court trial system and the external information release system, broadcasting all videos, audios, electronic evidence, and other information in the trial process in real time through LAN in multiple display modes. All personnel who want to understand the trial, whether they are court staff or other people who care about the court's work, can understand all the case-related materials and information in the trial process in real time through the displayers, realize online supervision, ensure sunlight trial, and maintain the court's fair, just, and open law enforcement image.